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About Us

First Access Medical LLC

First Access Medical is a medical device distributor engaged in bringing innovative protection products to solve everyday common challenges and problems. We are experienced in direct patient care in hospitals, clinics and the Home Health Care arena. We are the original developer of the Catheter protection device which has been sold all over the world. Now, we bring you an improved version of the same device.

Eric Hoyt, President

Eric Hoyt, President

Eric Hoyt is the Founder and President of First Access Medical, LLC,(FAM) a company that offers a forum and a process for healthcare professionals to bring ideas to the market place. After serving in the US Military, Eric spent the next thirty years in healthcare and technical related fields. He has experience in medical technology, as well as, direct patient care which uniquely qualifies him to identify the need for new patient care products. While providing direct patient care, Eric became familiar with the patient and care giver challenges associated with indwelling central venous catheters. Through collaboration with Shoney Scientific, Eric has improved the original design of the Cath-PRO to offer a Central Line catheter pocket/protector to patients, care providers and catheter Manufacturers. The Cath-PRO is the result of Eric’s creative genius and has and will continue to provide comfort for millions of central line patients.

Cidnee Hoyt, Vice President

Cidnee Hoyt, Vice President

Cidnee Hoyt, FNP, MSN, RN is the Vice President and Clinical Expert at First Access Medical, LLC. Cidnee has over 25 years experience as a Registered Nurse in a variety of healthcare settings and has extensive experience as a Nurse Educator, Director of Nursing, Clinician, Consultant in survey preparedness, and has conducted numerous lectures on patient safety issues and providing quality Clinical Care. As a patient advocate, Cidnee has identified that the hard science of healthcare has done little to offer the patient comfort from the processes initiated to treat medical issues. One problem that was identified is that many patient’s require indwelling catheters to treat a variety of illness, with little thought to the discomfort these catheters cause the patient. As a remedy to this problem, Cidnee collaborated with Eric Hoyt and Shoney Scientific to develop a medical device to provide comfort for catheter patients. The product, known as the Cath-PRO was developed for use with all types of indwelling catheters.

Cidnee is also an active member of the AANP and maintains Nursing licensure in Colorado, Texas, California, and New Mexico. She also works closely with our Veterans to maintain a safe healthcare environment.

Cidnee received her Bachelor of Nursing at Colorado Mesa University and graduated with honors and at the top of her class. She received her Master’s in Nursing through the University of Phoenix and was chosen for Who’s Who in 2000. She received her post-graduate FNP certification from Graceland University and was a member of the dean’s list.

As Vice President of First Access Medical, LLC, Cidnee provides professional healthcare consultation services from healthcare product safety and evaluation to survey preparedness.

Cidnee has the expertise to evaluate new product ideas and product viability presented for development to First Access Medical, LLC.

“We are working together with Shoney Scientific Inc. to bring all the innovative devices to you.


Our mission is to provide you with a quality product at economical prices. Your satisfaction is most important to us. We will be second to none in providing quality products and responsive customer service.