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Can a Dialysis Catheter Protector Help Prevent Infection?

Can a Dialysis Catheter Protector Help Prevent Infection? The simple answer is yes. Here is more about the infection issue and how a dialysis catheter protector can be a powerful yet simple solution.

The Infection Issue

In your medical facility, you have likely noted that dialysis patients using catheters have higher risks than patients using other treatment methods to access the blood supply. The increased risks include:

Get Better Catheter Protection With First Access Med Cath-Pro.0

With our wide range of advanced and innovative catheter protection products and immobilization devices, we are again relaunching the best of our Cath-Pro for MS patients. We have recently introduced Cath-Pro.0, a water resistant disposable protective pocket with rounded bottoms to comply with dual lumen catheters. This is the original catheter protection device which has been sold all over the world.

Top Benefits of a Catheter Protector

If you have patients who use a catheter, then you will want something to protect the catheter as a defense against infection. That is where the Cath-PRO comes into the picture to assist.

Situations Where a Catheter Protector is Beneficial

Central venous lines are part of many medical therapies today, including: