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Top Benefits of a Catheter Protector

If you have patients who use a catheter, then you will want something to protect the catheter as a defense against infection. That is where the Cath-PRO comes into the picture to assist.

Situations Where a Catheter Protector is Beneficial

Central venous lines are part of many medical therapies today, including:

  • Critical care situations
  • Long-term antibiotic treatment
  • Oncology
  • Dialysis
  • Home care
  • Long-term care, and
  • Much more

Cath-PRO takes the original catheter protector design and improves on it, so that your hospital, medical clinic, or home health care center can give your patients the high standard of care that they expect.

Environmental Protection

The Cath-PRO catheter protector is a water-resistant pocket that the central line is put into easily as a protection against environmental harm. The pocket acts as an insulating shield for the access tubes.

Reduce Trauma

Also, the Cath-PRO helps to reduce trauma by lowering risks of the accidental displacement of the central line if it is left exposed. The insulation of the pocket is also comforting for patients who worry that their line will be ripped out, or other damage may occur to it. They can rest more comfortably knowing you’ve taken the extra step of using the affordable Cath-PRO.

Ease of Use

For nurses and other medical professionals directly helping patients, another benefit of the catheter protector is that it is much easier to use than gauze and tape, which can also hurt the skin of the patients as you remove it. The catheter protector has a smooth, discrete look too when worn under clothing.

Great Feedback

Our feedback from clients has been fantastic, and we look forward to showing you exactly how it works! The catheter protector has a specialized function and is made by experts in the medical field to help you provide a top standard of care for your patients. Order a free sample now to see for yourself the three easy steps to putting on the Cath-PRO protective pocket.