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First Access Medical is a distributor for Catheter Protection and Immobilization Devices. We have many products under development in co-operation with Shoney Scientific Inc. We are introducing the first product “CATH-PRO” to solve catheter protection problems encountered in Central Venous Catheter Lines.

Product Information:

The Cath-PRO is a protective pocket that is made from a soft, non woven, water resistant material. The construction incorporates carefully sewn seams that eliminate sharp edges, that are currently found in similar products.

One of the uniquely superior qualities of the Cath-PRO is it’s size. The length of the Cath-PRO can be tailored to meet the needs of varying catheter sizes, and the width can accommodate single to multiple lumen catheters. The hypo-allergenic adhesive allows the Cath-PRO to adhere and remove easily.

We are offering three different packaging configurations for your ordering convenience.

Product : Cath-PRO

Product Code Description Price
10-901-25 25 pcs/case $25.00
10-901-50 50 pcs/case $50.00
10-901-100 100 pcs/case $100.00

Product : Cath-PRO.0
Re-introducing the most popular Cath Pro.0 water resistant disposable protective pocket for dual lumen catheters. It has rounded bottoms for easy displacement and safe access.

Product Code Description Price
10-902-25 25 pcs/case $25.00
10-902-50 50 pcs/case $50.00
10-902-100 100 pcs/case $100.00

The above price does not include shipping.

Payment details :

We accept payment by check, credit card or pay pal.

Please call at 432-213-3709 or e-mail us at to order by credit card.

You can also send us a check. Please make the check payable to

Shoney Scentific Inc.
W223,N720 Saratoga Drive
Suite 120
Waukesha, WI 53186,USA


The product will be shipped after the check is cleared.

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